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The Kansas Perio difference

Patient Care

The comprehensive approach to periodontics.

A healthy smile looks great, but it’s also a central part of your health, both physical and mental. Kansas Perio and Dental Implants is dedicated to helping you reach your best smile for a healthier body.

Delivering only proven, top-of-the-line treatments and employing advanced technology, our team of periodontists focus on personalized treatment plans that best benefit the systemic health of each patient.


Why choose a specialist?

When it comes to your oral health, you deserve the very best. We are highly skilled and trained implantologists and periodontists with deep knowledge and experience. When it comes to permanent procedures such as dental implants and serious issues like gum disease, you don’t want to take chances. With Kansas Perio, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Meet our periodontists


State-of-the-art diagnostic tech.

Kansas Perio uses i-CAT Cone Beam Dental Imaging, an advanced technology that delivers the highest level of surgical predictability, resulting in successful surgical outcomes. The i-CAT’s open-environment scan of patients’ mouths produces quality 3D renderings that can help reduce surgery times.

  • Over 10x less radiation than medical CT
  • Accurate 3D images in 8.5 seconds


What our patients are saying.

I have never seen a more caring, more capable, more patient-oriented facility than [Kansas Perio].

–Liz R.