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Surgical Services

Our surgical service are designed to provide you with stabilization and increased oral health.

  • Pocket reduction

    Healthy gums should fit snug against your teeth. As periodontal disease eats away at bone, it can cause pockets where the gums pull away from the teeth. As these pockets grow, harmful bacteria can build up, leading to accelerated bone and tissue loss. In worst-case scenarios, this may result in tooth loss and contribute to several chronic illnesses. If it’s determined the pockets surrounding your teeth are too deep for home care, pocket reduction surgery may be the best treatment. During this surgical procedure, your periodontist folds back the gums to clean deep, hard-to-reach spaces with harmful bacteria, then secures the tissue back into place to promote reattachment and healthy bone growth.

  • Bone grafts

    For a dental implant to truly be successful, it requires a stable base with great bone density to anchor the implant’s post. Deploying advanced technology, Kansas Perio and Dental Implants offers surgical bone grafting to replace the foundation and encourage the growth of new bone before implanting teeth. Periodontal disease may be the leading cause of bone loss, but with bone grafting, restoration and correction of deformities is simpler than ever.

  • Soft tissue grafts

    Battle gum recession with soft tissue grafting. Gums may recede for a variety of reasons, including periodontal disease, aging, teeth clenching and aggressive brushing. As they continue to recede, roots may become exposed and result in extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods, and give appearance of longer, older looking teeth. During soft tissue grafting, tissue is transplanted from your palate to cover the exposed root, giving you more comfortable, healthier gums and a more beautiful smile.

  • Sinus augmentation

    Sinus augmentation may be necessary to implant teeth into the back of the upper jaw. Implants require a stable base of dense bone to ensure a functional, durable smile. During sinus augmentation, the sinus membrane is lifted to create space above the sinus floor, where a bone graft is planted to create a strong foundation for your implant.

  • Ridge modification

    When there isn’t enough bone for a stable implant on the upper or lower jaw, ridge modification may be the solution. During ridge modification, the ridge is filled with bone graft or bone substitute materials to promote healthy bone growth.

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